Have You Ever Wanted to Weave?

I really enjoy the many layers of events at craft fairs.

I like to have sales, of  course. It really feels great to find people like what I make 🙂 and I truly enjoy conversations and stories. Many folks will share their own weaving, knitting and other needle arts, sewing and yarny stories. And, many ask where weaving classes are. And I share what I know.

Now! I can say, I will be teaching several weaving classes and workshops at Sawtooth.  The class listing will be in the next catalogue, but it is usually on their website pretty quickly.  I tried several ideas- project oriented, structure emphasis (twill variations just before National Tartan Day!), weekend weaving, frame loom weaving and we have tossed in a few dyeing workshops, too! I’m not the only teacher so there are even more choices at Sawtooth.

Have suggestions? Please let me know as I’m really a fan of sharing with workshops, presentations, apprenticeships and demos!

Lets get warping!


Workshop Review

It’s Sharing  Time!

I view workshops as a chance to share what I’ve learned from so many people that shared with me! I make every effort to have fun, informative and creative workshops and always ask for student input. That way, we all get the most out of our precious time! I say precious because with so many choices, after the struggle to schedule and find just the right supplies, travel to be in the right space at the right time, we deserve some precious expressive time!

Find the upcoming workshop schedule here. And please contact me with any questions or to catch up!


Weaving a Path to 2019


I’m so excited to share weaving in new workshops! I’m still block printing with more ideas and patterns, dyeing and exploring dynamic color ways and now I’ll be offering some new weaving workshops! And some are at Sawtooth in WSNC

Weaving is enjoying some front-seat love !! Maker spaces are offering frame loom weavings, weaving has become an integral part of public art with sculptural and structural shapes, color, re-purpose, light  and politics.

Apprenticeships are a “thing” again, giving new fiber artists experience with weaving as a profession, not just a hobby or after-career experience. Take a look at this collection of weaver’s studios!

For those who have asked me about workshops, my wise daughter suggested I collect contact info so I can share where some of the workshops I’ve discussed with folks –in the moment, at a craft show, in another workshop — and keep with what we wanted to do! So please consider adding your name here- it is not a database for sales or shows; that is already on the page 🙂

I asked some questions that I probably already asked you but… this might be called my “back-up memory”!!

Here’s to Happy Weaving in 2019! Lets keep in touch

Happy Holiday Season!

This is the Time of Year

Chestnut tree in snowmageddon December 2018.

The daylight is something to be treasured with incredible sunrises, richly colored sunsets, delicate lines of tree branches without their leaves (well, for most. Tho I pressed a LOT of leaves to use in weavings and prints!). The evenings are crisp, often clear with brilliant constellations and unobstructed views of the moon phases. I like longer days but I cannot say I don’t appreciate the beautiful evenings and nights, with the opportunity to read more and sleep deeply.

Silk, hand- woven point twill with accent threads.

I hope to see you at a show, but I am doing fewer this year. I am trying to reach more of the online art and craft supporters online to introduce new work, increase the unique clothing community and as I travel this year,  maybe we can meet 🙂 To that end, I’ve put more of my items in the Square shop (and if you are gifting, consider a gift card through this page.   

I have been listing in my Etsy Shop, also. If there is something you have in  mind and don’t see, send a message. I love the challenge of a special order- if it is something I can do. I usually do a sample, to be sure ( it is how you learn a  new thing, right?!!)


Card from Morgan’s Tarot

I’ve  been seeing more folks considering the purchase from someone local, whether an artisan, restaurant owner and farmer. Probably everyone has had the inside conversation about paying less at a chain store for a generic item and paying a bit more for a hand-made handcrafted item and service. A reminder is how those local dollars stay local, in most cases, whether when the artist buys locally for their own purchases, and the restaurant pays the farmer and weekend musicians or the farmers employ local labor and slow-grown foods. A special hand-crafted gift carries the meaning of thought along with it’s uniqueness. Instead of buying all the things, make simple and strategic purchases. I hope  you find

Noooo! I don’t know who did this but it is a big store vibe. #ShopSmall

something I’ve made perfect for someone you know!

Email me with interest in orders and to schedule workshops for 2019 (wow! so fast!).  My workshop calendar is available here, with a few residencies ahead, too.

Happy Holidays! kg

The Question

Does every question have an answer?

Nope. I am not wise, I over think and I usually have more questions about the question. These are my qualifications for the answer “Nope”

Some of these unanswerable questions that one must answer no matter what.. are:

  • How long did it take you to  make this?
  • What is your best price?
  • What do you propose to achieve with this project proposal?
  • How will this project affect your  career as an artist?
  • Why would you want to make this when you can buy it?
  • What is your real job?

wait… that is an even number and i truly like the odd ones …

  • Isn’t this that old-timey stuff?

There. Seven. SevenUp, Seven of Nine, Seven brides for seven brothers. Seven of Cups. SE7EN, Seven Deadly Sins, rest on the seventh day.

so you can see, by the questions,


(again, with the Moody Blues!)


  • I’ve done a craft show,
  • taken work to a gallery,
  • written a grant proposal,
  • applied for a fellowship
  • told someone what I do for a living
  • again, told someone what i do for a living and
  • demonstrated non-traditional weaving techniques

There are, surprisingly, more answers than just one.  But, as it is the season to be jolly, I’mma go with a smile, offer a chocolate and a request to tell me about yourself.  As with the Seven of Cups I have choices. Some are harder than others, some are so obvious I miss them but every choice is a good thing to have as an option. I can make things in different structures, colors, take to galleries and offer workshops. I get a large percentage of grants for which I apply, I’m looking forward to a fellowship that should contribute a lot to my career as an artist. And I’ve realized that not everyone has had a chance to express themselves in a creative way so the last two grants I’ve written have been to work more with funds for equipment and some expenses covered in the greater community.

Meanwhile, please consider shopping small with special gifts that remind the person you thought of them in a very unique way. Something handmade is a great way to accomplish this. And support your community artists- they spend the money earned from your purchase in the community. They usually volunteer (here is my volunteer for art page!) and donate to fundraisers generously (the next fundraiser I’m donating to) and there will be more. (soft spot for Pet fundraisers).

And, I’ll be glad to make a special item for you, your bestie but lmk soon so I have time to do it up bright!

Happy Holidays

Change is Good

And here we go!

I  had to wear socks today. I am that person that meets you at the door, in the drive, down the street with my feet directly communing with the earth. My Dad used to laugh when he  visited that there were footprints in the snow and he saw toeprints.  Yep, I’m a barefoot snow-walker, too. But it is transitional, as I get used to the temperature changes socks become unnecessary.  I’ve shed the socks by now and ready to meet the earth for another day in this orbit!

Still at Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Warm Days of Summer are something to anticipate instead of something I will burst into as I head out the front door. It’s chilly now and all of the outdoor plants will become inside plants. I have  my 2019 calendar with several workshops, residencies and exhibits already in ink! whoo hoo!

Textile Cabin at Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Like lots of folks, the shorter daylight and longer nights are a challenge for me and I’m  going to plan, with my calendar, for some changes. I’m hot on the trail for an affordable gym to get me through the days too cold to run and keep my head screwed on right.

Recently I went to a symposium in Roanoke, VA, City(X)Po. If you have a chance to go,  give it a try. It is never the  same in attendance, presentation or location but every time I learn new things and find new perspective.  Wellness stands out as a key point I pocketed with this visit, healthy living and the idea of promoting investment in our physical health toward a happier lifestyle. Discussion ran from helping at-risk communities, pharmaceutical companies and addiction and (my favorite) how arts integration is a key way to engage communities.

I enjoy traveling, meeting new folks at workshops and exhibits, seeing new expressive art and (after hearing the benefits of failing from Neil deGrasse Tyson) learning from mistakes. I live in an area of North Carolina with rivers, wildlife, lovely wildflowers and some nice folks. And the area also has a very challenged economic and educational situation with policy makers uncomfortable  implementing change. Isn’t this a great reason to vote?!

I’ve got new warps for scarves to wrap up with color accents, a few variations on wraps and have a few special orders. I’ll be at local shows in Martinsville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro and probably a few more, and will try my best to load up images on Etsy and Square pages! Mention this blog (hahaha) and I’ll add a 15% discount! Blog1018     I’ll have wraps and scarves, table linens and a limited number of bags and hats. But no socks.  🙂

Happy Autumn!


Kathryn the Weaver

About me

Writing about myself has never been the easiest thing for me to tackle. Looking back I can see how things connected and made a path to where I am but looking forward is the unanticipated adventure- pretty much always!

My dad was an engineer and we built stuff- a LOT of stuff. It never occurred to me that I wasn’t doing girl stuff or that there was such a category, or that this was dreaded math. We searched deserts for rocks and stones to collect, flew model airplanes, sailed his sailboat, built HeathKits and collected plants.

My mom  was a musician, playing piano and pipe organs. She LOVED Bach. As a kid living in the un-airconditioned south, we all had evening concerts as she practiced with the doors and windows wide open anticipating some small breeze. Our little dog howled at her right side with puckered pink lips pointing up in a very serious posture.

I painted the above background to illustrate the obvious reason I just always made art. I wake up to some wandering ostinato (aka “earworm”) and plan out some course of action to build something.  I had the BEST grandparents and we did stuff. Granddaddys on both sides worked in local mills and we had yarn, loopers and we knit, crocheted, made rugs and dressed ponies, cats and dogs.

Because I wandered the fields and woods, I often made my own paints and dyes.  I took all of this with me to school and ended up with an art degree, went on to study weaving and non-profit management.

I am doing my best to live the dream.. tho the dream shifts as dreams will. I sometimes teach workshops, I am always weaving, printing and painting, I write grants for community projects and i set aside time to volunteer in schools and local projects.

350 orange, red and gold threads have a lot of choices

I have moved my studio to my home for now. The handcrafted commerce market has changed significantly and as much as I like having interaction in a public studio it is a position I can’t afford just now. So, by invitation will do for now.

I am a big fan of the Minimalist lifestyle where you have objects with meaning, food for the soul, food for the body and special things, to me, are usually handcrafted. I believe there is usually more than one right answer and sometimes it is  worthwhile to find a few solutions, just to have the experience of doing something fresh.

one solution to the pile of orange threads

So, the bio: Kathryn Gauldin enjoys including a variety of hands-on techniques that translate into fiber-related d projects. She has always been yarny, weaving on tapestry, free-form and floor looms, costume construction, patterns and printmaking, painting and dyeing.

Her skill-set has expanded through freelance learning and apprenticing, through workshops, studied at High Point University, UNCG, WCU, Haywood College Production Fibers and Duke Non-Profit Management.

Kathryn has worked in Montessori schools (where the understanding of the tri-nomial equation was truly revealed), has been director of selected art schools and councils and was the Outreach Coordinator at the Sawtooth Center, working in  16 counties of North Carolina taking art on the road. Kathryn currently works in community art programs and artist in schools residencies, is a grant writer and web content writer, exhibits in galleries and at festivals and has weaving, painting and prints in galleries.

Terms of Weaving

One of my favorite workshops was presented by Bruce Baker – chatting about marketing for crafts, images, writing– things that I am genuinely interested in learning more about. (check out my freelance writing here). He was discussing the use of terms.. the hot glass terms (yeah, who else has a glory hole ??) and then.. he gets to the fiber folk. Just fyi, we win haha!

Lately, it’s been a bit deflected double weave style.. but when there are choices you sometimes have to try them all! Like the desert tray on the first go-round, not waiting til it gets picked over.

So, I’m weaving some lighter things after the run of table runners (still like the idea of Time Warps with color-ways that represent decade color schemes, tho. And I love that mix-weave threading i have on my little Gilmore loom).

And I have several workshops scheduled for Studio 107 in Martinsville, block printing at the Sawtooth in WinstonSalem, festivals for the fall/winter times and am scheduling school residencies for the first of 2019 (Patrick, Guilford, Forsyth, Cumberland and surrounding counties). Please let me know if I can bring a workshop to your group- it is one of my absolute favorite things to do!

I post pretty regularly on Instagram and on my Facebook Pages KGTextiles and DyeCrazy– have a look!

Today is the Day, Now is the Time

The Seasonal Artist

or, How I Make a Living in Creative Economy

  • Sales of Hand-crafted weaving, prints and other work (big pre-estate sale happening now)
  • Workshops and in-school residencies
  • Speaking Aloud
  • Coordinating Festival Events
  • Writing (Grants, Media Content, Web Content)


I love to weave, print, paint, dye and meet people who like what I made and want it for their own collection. Shows are usually only Autumn and Winter holiday time for me, with inventory sold online and in galleries the rest of the year. I post photos on Instagram- so fast!

Workshops and in-school residencies

I teach more in early Fall and late Winter, with Summer workshop times more concentrated. And that works well for me as I have spring to garden and start on fall inventory.

Speaking Aloud

I am often asked to speak to groups about a variety of topics. I have a variety of talking points because I have several “jobs” that mesh together and fill up the year.

Recent examples are:

Non-Profit Board and Organization structure and strategies.

A non-profit board is usually made of a diverse group of very well-meaning and dedicated community members that commit their uncompensated time to an organization. They support staff, usually help to select projects and programs that support the mission of the organization and and make financial decisions- just as any business runs.

Speaker for Guilds

As others have shared with me, it is important that

I share the importance of fine craft, history of textiles and the significance of a personal hand-crafted item.

Career Day

Speaking specifically to school/college groups about Grant Writing, craft fairs, commissions, running a business and other specific work-related details.

Coordinating Festival Events

I have three festivals that I get to work with. They add income plus the artisans I work with are such nice people. The festival is a LOT of work for groups of time, then not so much. Calendars are so important!

This year you’ll find me Coordinating the Maker Marketplace at the North Carolina Folk Festival in Greensboro, NC. And will be working at 2018 FloydFest in Virginia.

Support Local!


The things you think you won’t need to know when you are in school are the things you will probably need! I am a reader and I love to collect words and phrases. I carry a notebook for just that reason! sometimes this part migrates into my sketchbook but not always. When I finished my undergraduate degree I began working at a local radio station and quickly learned that I really enjoy writing advertisements, commercials, on-air content. It is a treat to have your work “performed” by professional announcers.

I went on to write grants that fund my projects. I kept writing content, moved into SEO and social media. I have a page on this website for new work reference. I get to research and learn more about other businesses, I can use my collection of SEO saves and some of those phrases I collect, work from home and add a bit of income to my budget.

As the seasons change nature’s colors change, jobs change and with the mix it usually works out. This year was a tough one as I had some unexpected medic-al expenses and a few other things, so the first annual Pre-Estate Sale is born. I have more inventory and need room for new work and I have some extra bills that I need to pay asap. A sale seems a good start to resolution.

Now is a season for change and flexibility plus some new things to learn are the 2018 plan! Hope you find something you will enjoy in the shop sale!


It’s Spring! no, wait…

Spring in NC

    The elusive season. We start… meh. We start again…

Now we have buds, blue skies, warm days- funny how 65F after winter is so much warmer than 65 in October! Alas! 

Spring weather is probably my favorite.. with warm enough weather and not all the insects are hatched- I garden.

That includes being outside with the blood-sucking species in North Carolina- ticks, mosquitoes, assassin bugs.. haven’t met them yet?oooh. funtimes .


The flip side… the world wakes up and blooms!


I spent a week in Fayetteville with some wonderful people creating a tapestry.. (photos to follow) and the Cape Fear River is incredibly amazing! most of my photos are on instagram. !


It has always been such a treat to watch this blossoming.. after the short dark non-running days of winter.. here we go! new year. The earth knows that this, too, shall pass. My grandma used to remind me of this pretty regularly. As I gain years I learn so much more about my wonderful grandparents.

And work scheduling switches up.

It’s not the

best time for handwearable sales but PERFECT for school residencies,  workshops, festivals and finalizing work for the next year. #Plottwist!

The photo to the right is of a painting my granddaughter created when she was visiting. It reminds me of warm summer nights with Amber…

Hope you are enjoying this year so far. There are some really wonderful things to be experienced… don’t miss them! And… more willcome 🙂


I’m making efforts to keep up the calendar.  Please contact me if you’re interested in a workshop.