Kathryn works with dyes, printing, weaving and often with found materials

Working with printmaking, painting, dyeing and weaving techniques in a variety of materials, she creates handwoven wearable items for sale on Etsy and SquareUp and on exhibit at Festivals and local shops:

GreenHill Gallery

City Gallery

Kathryn presents workshops for adults and youth

  • Featuring Fiber– Printing, painting and a collection of weaveable materials are used to create fiber compositions using frame looms, off-loom and permanent loom weaving that incorporates found materials
  • Dye Crazy– Interested in your own color way? Learn to develop your own  dynamic color primaries to create unique and harmonious colors.. Explore ways to color weaving materials with natural and Procion MX dyes. Workshops include: Dyeing to Weave, Plangi and Shibori
  • 2,4,6,8 Weaving!– Weave color, texture and patterns with yarns on floor looms using 2-8 harnesses

If you are in Cumberland County, please check this entry in the Artist in Schools Matching Grant program.

Community is important to me. Please visit here if you’re interested in a donation for your organization or my annual Rockingham County school residency/workshop donation.

Other workshops include:

Block Printing on Fabric– using a variety of pigments and dyes

Surface Design on Fabric– painting, printing, stenciling, plangi, shibori, marbling and stitching

Drafting for Design- drafting skills are very helpful when designing special fabrics. Explore drafting without a computer assist to expand your library of weave structures, sett and deflection and review computer assist programs.

Double Weave- weave twice the width of your loom, weave garments on your loom (with a tubular shape), create pockets, dimensional shapes, layered pick-up, deflected weaves; your limits are your imagination! Explore 4-harness double weave and 8-harness double weave.