Today is the Day, Now is the Time

The Seasonal Artist

or, How I Make a Living in Creative Economy

  • Sales of Hand-crafted weaving, prints and other work (big pre-estate sale happening now)
  • Workshops and in-school residencies
  • Speaking Aloud
  • Coordinating Festival Events
  • Writing (Grants, Media Content, Web Content)


I love to weave, print, paint, dye and meet people who like what I made and want it for their own collection. Shows are usually only Autumn and Winter holiday time for me, with inventory sold online and in galleries the rest of the year. I post photos on Instagram- so fast!

Workshops and in-school residencies

I teach more in early Fall and late Winter, with Summer workshop times more concentrated. And that works well for me as I have spring to garden and start on fall inventory.

Speaking Aloud

I am often asked to speak to groups about a variety of topics. I have a variety of talking points because I have several “jobs” that mesh together and fill up the year.

Recent examples are:

Non-Profit Board and Organization structure and strategies.

A non-profit board is usually made of a diverse group of very well-meaning and dedicated community members that commit their uncompensated time to an organization. They support staff, usually help to select projects and programs that support the mission of the organization and and make financial decisions- just as any business runs.

Speaker for Guilds

As others have shared with me, it is important that

I share the importance of fine craft, history of textiles and the significance of a personal hand-crafted item.

Career Day

Speaking specifically to school/college groups about Grant Writing, craft fairs, commissions, running a business and other specific work-related details.

Coordinating Festival Events

I have three festivals that I get to work with. They add income plus the artisans I work with are such nice people. The festival is a LOT of work for groups of time, then not so much. Calendars are so important!

This year you’ll find me Coordinating the Maker Marketplace at the North Carolina Folk Festival in Greensboro, NC. And will be working at 2018 FloydFest in Virginia.

Support Local!


The things you think you won’t need to know when you are in school are the things you will probably need! I am a reader and I love to collect words and phrases. I carry a notebook for just that reason! sometimes this part migrates into my sketchbook but not always. When I finished my undergraduate degree I began working at a local radio station and quickly learned that I really enjoy writing advertisements, commercials, on-air content. It is a treat to have your work “performed” by professional announcers.

I went on to write grants that fund my projects. I kept writing content, moved into SEO and social media. I have a page on this website for new work reference. I get to research and learn more about other businesses, I can use my collection of SEO saves and some of those phrases I collect, work from home and add a bit of income to my budget.

As the seasons change nature’s colors change, jobs change and with the mix it usually works out. This year was a tough one as I had some unexpected medic-al expenses and a few other things, so the first annual Pre-Estate Sale is born. I have more inventory and need room for new work and I have some extra bills that I need to pay asap. A sale seems a good start to resolution.

Now is a season for change and flexibility plus some new things to learn are the 2018 plan! Hope you find something you will enjoy in the shop sale!


So Close to Spring!

Time for brighter colors, lighter yarns and fabrics!

Winter inventory of scarves and wraps is almost finished! And with that begins the Winter Inventory Sale! I’ll list these on my Square page and Etsy page asap. This sale is a 20% off on all items over $65. If you are an American Express credit card customer, the special for purchasing $40 on your card gives you $10 off on your statement.

Just in time for #GalentinesDay #ValentinesDay. It is a great time to treat yourself!

I had truly planned to begin making monthly donations to selected non-profits this year- I believe very strongly in supporting community efforts and when we all work together those efforts move ahead much better. This month, however, I am faced with a vet bill for my best friend; my intentions are still in place and I hope to get back on that track soon.

Looking ahead, I have some upcoming workshops and residencies! If your group is interested in a workshop please contact me- for any of the listed workshops or customized fibery experience.

Please  follow me on Instagram as I post projects much better there 🙂

I’ve been block printing-dye-stiching some new pieces (revisiting some work I did when the dinosaurs roamed the earth) and heading toward some bright summer colors. I am a believer that bright color does make things better!

Meanwhile, stay warm and have colorful thoughts!

Workshop Time

Boy, Was I Weaving a Lot!

So  as I work on some ideas for new patterns and projects (I don’t know that I’ll ever run out of weaving ideas!) I’m digressing on some workshops.

I’ve been working on my house a bit, learning some new skills, decorating in my own style! Last winter I painted murals, put up lights and this year it’s floors. I’ve been doing the paper-bag-glue floor. So far, so good but I picked a large room so it is not as speedy as the 2 minute online video! And the cold has slowed down the staining/finishing/ventilation options so while that is on hold, on to the floorcloths!

And workshops!

While I’m working on my floorcloths, why not invest in more supplies and share the fun! They are a great way to personalize home designs and can be traditional, contemporary, bright and subtle.

While I’m curling up with movies and cat-time, I’ve started on a series of image transfers and stitch embellishment pieces to exhibit in the spring. so we have the Image Transfer Workshops!

And, it is time for those wonderful seed catalogues- making plans for warmer days and deciding to keep a better series of journals. So, here we go with the side bound book workshop.  All of the surface design workshops give me lots of options for binding and cover fabrics! Very sculptural, these journals– and I can use the journals for references as to what was i doing? 🙂

Enjoy your winter! Watch for my birthday and Caturday sales this month–  extra unexpected vet bills are an inspiration to have sales.

Happy New Year!

Workshops for Autumn


I was asked to put together a list of some workshops to offer. As a member of two working studios, two new community arts non-profit organizations, listed in a few artist directories and a few guilds and groups, it does seem like a good idea to put some projects in “ink”, though I am still a big-time believer in keeping formats and topics flexible to meet the needs of the group!

I have had a great time working in Artist Residencies the past few years, with community groups, guilds, art schools and in public schools. If you are interested in youth programs please check the constantly-being-updated “schools” page. If you are in Cumberland County Schools please visit my page in their new Artist Directory.

Any questions and interest please email me.


Weaving workshop students should have a loom to use, tools; include a sley/threading hook, tape measure, scissors for yarn (fabric scissors), large rubber bands (4 or more), shuttles with bobbins, yarns and fabric for weaving.

Beginning weaving: Includes introduction to weaving- tapestry vs rug vs fabrics, introduction to the loom, choosing yarns, winding warps (first warp is included in the class), sleying and threading the loom, winding on a warp and choosing weft.  Weaving can be as simple and challenging as the weaver chooses! (look at the variations in woven spider webs!) and weaving is always open to learning more- and we often have several beginning weaving classes. I always have handouts specific for each class with vocabulary, images, links to supportive sites and my email and phone for after-class questions and answers.

Variations in threading: Includes a discussion of structure, yarns and “twist” on fabric (may as well shake all the puns out, right?!) scale, finishing and other details of fabric weaving.

  • Two harness and rigid heddle weaving includes yarn variations, hand manipulated laces, inlay and pattern weaving.
  • Four and more can include variations in sleying and ways to use yarn, tabby, twill, overshot, summer and winter, lace weaves and weaving with blocks. Workshops can be designed for 2,4,6,8 harnesses.

Sett to Weave. Size matters, density is important. It is important to explore how to place your yarns in the reed- tighter, looser, variation in yarn sizes all affect the drape and final product. In this workshop we will weave and share samples for future reference. This workshop is fun for a group and guild!

Find it, Weave it! Free-weaving uses found objects and materials for a frame, can include small tapestry for jewelry and wall art, is a fun social project for community groups, schools, guilds and professional development groups. Examples include: branch weaving with environmental emphasis, bicycle wheels with other found materials for cycling events, cardboard looms with materials that include items from the workplace as weaving options, phrases to be constructed into poems, etc.


Dye Crazy: Warp and weft dyeing with Procion MX series dyes. These are synthetic dyes- we follow OSHA recommendations. Includes introduction to color mixing, variations in primaries, secondary colors, color harmony, inspiration from nature and everyday life (for some  these are combined, not everyone)

Featuring Fiber: Surface Design on Fabrics

Surface design workshops can be focused on fabrics for quilting and special projects (such as for book covers, purses, collage and other composition, etc.) , embellishment on clothing- ready-made, blanks or pieces in construction.

Printmaking using textile pigments. Workshop includes introduction to block printing and creating distinctive blocks for printing, using found objects for printing (objects from daily use, leaves, vegetables, etc).

Transfer of images on fabric and paper. Simple with a lot of open-ended variations, images are transferred onto fabric or paper and color is added with a variety of techniques.

Marble on fabric and paper. Workshop includes discussion of historical patterns, pigment and bath options, pattern. We will use cotton, rayon, silk, cotton papers.

Resistance. A workshop that includes folding and dyeing, stitching and dyeing and clamping and dyeing to create patterns, visual texture and color interaction on fabrics. We use cotton, rayon, silk and a variety of dyes including natural dyes (if a dye kitchen area is available) and Procion MX series dyes.


The two projects below include a student-designed cover (front and back), inner pages and thoughtful content.

Accordion books are fun, open-ended as to design opportunities, can include a variety of challenges as to content, functionality and concepts.

Side bound books can be very inspiring as to materials, can be very functional as well as an artistic expression and conventionality.

You have landed with Dye Crazy, KGTextiles

Dye Crazy, dye happy!

Well maybe, but this site shares work and projects created by me, Kathryn Gauldin, KGTextiles and Dye Crazy yarns. Working with printmaking, painting, surface design, dyes, weaving of fabric and sculptures I enjoy making wearables, dimensional weaving, presenting workshops to adults and youth and craft festivals. Please contact me with any questions and interest.