June 2017 and the super fast year

This year is zooming past quickly! Summer months are a chance to move equipment, find festivals and exhibits, set up workshops and create inventory.

I’ve been excited about a few weave structures to try out. The undulating twill scarves from fall have become much lighter and brighter woven on an 8-H Gilmore loom. And variations away from blue! just because.

The next two structures are advancing twill variations. but i haven’t got a sample yet so that is something to work on today.

Dyeing to make some new twist scarves for summer and fall, have a new wearable to try out that combines several fabrics and some inlay.


sharing all that soon! on the flip side of a trip to Arrowmont Craft School 🙂

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Well maybe, but this site shares work and projects created by me, Kathryn Gauldin, KGTextiles and Dye Crazy yarns. Working with printmaking, painting, surface design, dyes, weaving of fabric and sculptures I enjoy making wearables, dimensional weaving, presenting workshops to adults and youth and craft festivals. Please contact me with any questions and interest.