Frame Loom Weaving

Tiny Tapestry

A workshop that explores small composition, texture, embellishments and color, this workshop is a comfortable intro to weaving. We use a frame (a very open option!) to weave on that will also serve as the way the weaving is displayed. This project invites the weavers to bring special items and yarns to incorporate in their composition.

Frame Loom Weaving

A frame is the basic shape that threads are stretched across to keep yarns in order. Weavers have choices of a large rectangular frame loom, a circular loom, a triangular loom that weaves on the bias and found materials shapes.  The weaving can be pictorial, functional and a sampler for weaving patterns and techniques

Group Weaving

A larger loom invites groups to contribute to their weaving. These projects are fun for festivals, leadership and interactive group projects and public art projects. Projects are custom-designed to incorporate the vision of the group.