November 6, 2018

This month and next month are big times for local artists- holiday sales are very important and we all work a lot to develop interesting items, make our wares available to anyone interested.

We pay to attend festivals, create displays, put our work in shops and galleries, post images in online shops and try to present our goods in a professional manner with easy-to-use purchase points. All of these skills are important to have to be a professional fine craftsperson. Very often we learn as we go- but we get better every time 🙂

When you can support local art the funds support the artist. When you buy local the dollars stay in the community; supporting artists and crafts people, food vendors and trucks at the event, often hotels keep the artists in town, musicians that play at the events- local support doesn’t have to trickle down from a large global business.

So, I hope you’ll find those special gifts for family and for yourself in the upcoming holiday season locally, with small businesses and with the even smaller independent artisans!

And here is the link to my calendar– where I’ll be at the following festivals in the next few weeks. I hope to see you- be sure to say hello!



Oh boy blogging.

I’ve had a blog on Blogger for some time and here is the link to that! I love sharing the projects and places i get to visit.. so please have a look when you have a few minutes!