School Projects

One of my favorite things to share is weaving techniques in schools.

If you are interested in a school visit please contact me.  Projects include a variety of ways to weave core subjects into individual student work, a collaborative group project and community integrated projects.

If you are in Cumberland County, please check this entry in the Artist in Schools Matching Grant program.

Many of the workshops offered for adults are very appropriate for youth classes and workshops. We always include an intro to the project, history, science and math as all are important to developing color, structure, composition and creativity.  Some of our favorite past projects include:

Frame Loom Weaving: The frame can be from found materials and becomes a permanent part of the woven tapestry. We use branches, wheels, packing materials and fences! We can also weave on pressboard looms and on wooden frame looms in a more traditional manner. Pieces can be created individually and added to a collaborative piece that allows students to take their work home or it is an addition to the school as an installation.

Community Tapestry: All types of personal mementos can be woven into a composition that is installed at the school.

Surface Design on Fabric:  Printing, dyeing, stitching as line and drawing and mixed media techniques are all ways to add a surface design to fabrics. We use a variety of fabrics for this project, dyes and inks that are specific to fiber art and transfers. We do include MSDS to describe the chemicals, always using the safest chemicals and materials.

Other Projects:  Art is Not Static! We develop projects on an individual basis and include whatever techniques are needed for the result we want! Basketry, image transfer, found object and block printing, bookmaking with fiber components, stitching are a few that have been included. Feel free to contact me with any questions and ideas.

Description of Fall/Winter 2017 Workshops can be found here.