Wintry Weaving

The studio has been pretty chilly as a workplace, but this time of year is more for scheduling and grant-writing. I always enjoy traveling, meeting new people, sharing the techniques that others have shared with me, working on new projects and being part of community art. Grants allow this kind of flexibility and help to meet the expenses involved in projects.

I am excited to have won a Regional Artist Grant from ArtsGreensboro that has supplied our weaving efforts with 20 small tapestry looms. These guys will make intro to Tapestry workshops easy-peasy as we learn tapestry stitches and then decide on a loom purchase after we have woven a few pieces of tapestry on our own.

The upcoming year brings several new projects, with a bit of variety. I don’t believe i will ever tire of designing fabrics, dyeing and weaving but it is nice to have variations.  Along with weaving residencies in schools, I’ll be offering a few tapestry workshops in North Carolina and Virginia, Creative Sewing and Natural Dyeing camps , Printing on Fabrics workshops and assisting my pal Nicole Uzzell at Arrowmont as she offers a workshop on papermaking. Along with these on my agenda, exhibits are almost monthly- scattered across three states.

Meanwhile, I’m working on new inventory items- expanding on the neck warmers (i found new buttons, y’all!) and a loose bias jacket/blouse garment for evenings in spring and summer. I’m also having fun with some small framed fiber art pieces and a few larger ones that are entering exhibits

I’m also excited to join a few guilds and fiber groups. And fall festivals are coming around. Looking over the calendar year for 2020, it is definitely fiber time!

Meanwhile, enjoy the winter honeysuckle-I wish I could share the scent it makes.Always blooms in the cold months of winter, even in snow. She kind of gives a sparkle of growth to a barren landscape! Happy second winter 🙂



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