Summertime Blues

“Sometimes I wonder what i am gonna do cause there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues”

Hope your summer is going well. Spring was so busy for me, and the first of summer was full and a bit exhausting, so I’ve got lists.

I left two studios in the past year-ish.  I miss working around other people and am actively looking for a shared space. The expenses and the amount of foot traffic for sales didn’t work out well, and change is not always such a bad thing.

When moving the looms, I’ve stopped to do a bit of maintenance and learn new stuff about them. One of my favorite looms, an 8-H Gilmore, has needed a few new pads and is in pieces. It is my go-to loom for wraps and finer fabrics with its’ smooth operation and sectional beam. I hope to have it back up soon (I miss weaving on it!).

Meanwhile, I’ve had a great time with workshops and classes, exhibits and look forward to those in the fall.  and I’ve taken time for yardwork and gardening. That is always inspiring. I plan to use more of the cut bamboo in larger pieces.

Coordinating the Marketplace at the NC Folk Festival in Greensboro, NC is always a fun summertime job- please stop in and say hello when you are out for the music, food and Makers Marketplace.  I’ll be working at FloydFest, too (still a deadhead!)

Upcoming workshops are scheduled for Sawtooth in Winston-Salem, NC,  Floyd Center for Art in Floyd, VA, then it is show-time for the holidays. Wow 2019 is speeding by!

Happy Summer!

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