Have You Ever Wanted to Weave?

I really enjoy the many layers of events at craft fairs.

I like to have sales, of  course. It really feels great to find people like what I make 🙂 and I truly enjoy conversations and stories. Many folks will share their own weaving, knitting and other needle arts, sewing and yarny stories. And, many ask where weaving classes are. And I share what I know.

Now! I can say, I will be teaching several weaving classes and workshops at Sawtooth.  The class listing will be in the next catalogue, but it is usually on their website pretty quickly.  I tried several ideas- project oriented, structure emphasis (twill variations just before National Tartan Day!), weekend weaving, frame loom weaving and we have tossed in a few dyeing workshops, too! I’m not the only teacher so there are even more choices at Sawtooth.

Have suggestions? Please let me know as I’m really a fan of sharing with workshops, presentations, apprenticeships and demos!

Lets get warping!


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