Happy Holiday Season!

This is the Time of Year

Chestnut tree in snowmageddon December 2018.

The daylight is something to be treasured with incredible sunrises, richly colored sunsets, delicate lines of tree branches without their leaves (well, for most. Tho I pressed a LOT of leaves to use in weavings and prints!). The evenings are crisp, often clear with brilliant constellations and unobstructed views of the moon phases. I like longer days but I cannot say I don’t appreciate the beautiful evenings and nights, with the opportunity to read more and sleep deeply.

Silk, hand- woven point twill with accent threads.

I hope to see you at a show, but I am doing fewer this year. I am trying to reach more of the online art and craft supporters online to introduce new work, increase the unique clothing community and as I travel this year,¬† maybe we can meet ūüôā To that end, I’ve put more of my items in the Square shop (and if you are gifting, consider a gift card through this page. ¬†¬†

I have been listing in my Etsy Shop, also. If there is something you have in¬† mind and don’t see, send a message. I love the challenge of a special order- if it is something I can do. I usually do a sample, to be sure ( it is how you learn a¬† new thing, right?!!)


Card from Morgan’s Tarot

I’ve¬† been seeing more folks considering the purchase from someone local, whether an artisan, restaurant owner and farmer. Probably everyone has had the inside conversation about paying less at a chain store for a generic item and paying a bit more for a hand-made handcrafted item and service. A reminder is how those local dollars stay local, in most cases, whether when the artist buys locally for their own purchases, and the restaurant pays the farmer and weekend musicians or the farmers employ local labor and slow-grown foods. A special hand-crafted gift carries the meaning of thought along with it’s uniqueness. Instead of buying all the things, make simple and strategic purchases. I hope¬† you find

Noooo! I don’t know who did this but it is a big store vibe. #ShopSmall

something I’ve made perfect for someone you know!

Email me with interest in orders and to schedule workshops for 2019 (wow! so fast!).  My workshop calendar is available here, with a few residencies ahead, too.

Happy Holidays! kg

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