The Question

Does every question have an answer?

Nope. I am not wise, I over think and I usually have more questions about the question. These are my qualifications for the answer “Nope”

Some of these unanswerable questions that one must answer no matter what.. are:

  • How long did it take you to  make this?
  • What is your best price?
  • What do you propose to achieve with this project proposal?
  • How will this project affect your  career as an artist?
  • Why would you want to make this when you can buy it?
  • What is your real job?

wait… that is an even number and i truly like the odd ones …

  • Isn’t this that old-timey stuff?

There. Seven. SevenUp, Seven of Nine, Seven brides for seven brothers. Seven of Cups. SE7EN, Seven Deadly Sins, rest on the seventh day.

so you can see, by the questions,


(again, with the Moody Blues!)


  • I’ve done a craft show,
  • taken work to a gallery,
  • written a grant proposal,
  • applied for a fellowship
  • told someone what I do for a living
  • again, told someone what i do for a living and
  • demonstrated non-traditional weaving techniques

There are, surprisingly, more answers than just one.  But, as it is the season to be jolly, I’mma go with a smile, offer a chocolate and a request to tell me about yourself.  As with the Seven of Cups I have choices. Some are harder than others, some are so obvious I miss them but every choice is a good thing to have as an option. I can make things in different structures, colors, take to galleries and offer workshops. I get a large percentage of grants for which I apply, I’m looking forward to a fellowship that should contribute a lot to my career as an artist. And I’ve realized that not everyone has had a chance to express themselves in a creative way so the last two grants I’ve written have been to work more with funds for equipment and some expenses covered in the greater community.

Meanwhile, please consider shopping small with special gifts that remind the person you thought of them in a very unique way. Something handmade is a great way to accomplish this. And support your community artists- they spend the money earned from your purchase in the community. They usually volunteer (here is my volunteer for art page!) and donate to fundraisers generously (the next fundraiser I’m donating to) and there will be more. (soft spot for Pet fundraisers).

And, I’ll be glad to make a special item for you, your bestie but lmk soon so I have time to do it up bright!

Happy Holidays

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  1. You are the first person I met when I moved to Winston-Salem and I’m glad to have known you all these years! I’ve always been impressed with your fierce determination to make your career your own, in so many varied ways, and helping so many along the way through classes, workshops, your weavings, and just being YOU! Shine on, lady!

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