Change is Good

And here we go!

I  had to wear socks today. I am that person that meets you at the door, in the drive, down the street with my feet directly communing with the earth. My Dad used to laugh when he  visited that there were footprints in the snow and he saw toeprints.  Yep, I’m a barefoot snow-walker, too. But it is transitional, as I get used to the temperature changes socks become unnecessary.  I’ve shed the socks by now and ready to meet the earth for another day in this orbit!

Still at Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Warm Days of Summer are something to anticipate instead of something I will burst into as I head out the front door. It’s chilly now and all of the outdoor plants will become inside plants. I have  my 2019 calendar with several workshops, residencies and exhibits already in ink! whoo hoo!

Textile Cabin at Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Like lots of folks, the shorter daylight and longer nights are a challenge for me and I’m  going to plan, with my calendar, for some changes. I’m hot on the trail for an affordable gym to get me through the days too cold to run and keep my head screwed on right.

Recently I went to a symposium in Roanoke, VA, City(X)Po. If you have a chance to go,  give it a try. It is never the  same in attendance, presentation or location but every time I learn new things and find new perspective.  Wellness stands out as a key point I pocketed with this visit, healthy living and the idea of promoting investment in our physical health toward a happier lifestyle. Discussion ran from helping at-risk communities, pharmaceutical companies and addiction and (my favorite) how arts integration is a key way to engage communities.

I enjoy traveling, meeting new folks at workshops and exhibits, seeing new expressive art and (after hearing the benefits of failing from Neil deGrasse Tyson) learning from mistakes. I live in an area of North Carolina with rivers, wildlife, lovely wildflowers and some nice folks. And the area also has a very challenged economic and educational situation with policy makers uncomfortable  implementing change. Isn’t this a great reason to vote?!

I’ve got new warps for scarves to wrap up with color accents, a few variations on wraps and have a few special orders. I’ll be at local shows in Martinsville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro and probably a few more, and will try my best to load up images on Etsy and Square pages! Mention this blog (hahaha) and I’ll add a 15% discount! Blog1018     I’ll have wraps and scarves, table linens and a limited number of bags and hats. But no socks.  🙂

Happy Autumn!


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