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About me

Writing about myself has never been the easiest thing for me to tackle. Looking back I can see how things connected and made a path to where I am but looking forward is the unanticipated adventure- pretty much always!

My dad was an engineer and we built stuff- a LOT of stuff. It never occurred to me that I wasn’t doing girl stuff or that there was such a category, or that this was dreaded math. We searched deserts for rocks and stones to collect, flew model airplanes, sailed his sailboat, built HeathKits and collected plants.

My mom  was a musician, playing piano and pipe organs. She LOVED Bach. As a kid living in the un-airconditioned south, we all had evening concerts as she practiced with the doors and windows wide open anticipating some small breeze. Our little dog howled at her right side with puckered pink lips pointing up in a very serious posture.

I painted the above background to illustrate the obvious reason I just always made art. I wake up to some wandering ostinato (aka “earworm”) and plan out some course of action to build something.  I had the BEST grandparents and we did stuff. Granddaddys on both sides worked in local mills and we had yarn, loopers and we knit, crocheted, made rugs and dressed ponies, cats and dogs.

Because I wandered the fields and woods, I often made my own paints and dyes.  I took all of this with me to school and ended up with an art degree, went on to study weaving and non-profit management.

I am doing my best to live the dream.. tho the dream shifts as dreams will. I sometimes teach workshops, I am always weaving, printing and painting, I write grants for community projects and i set aside time to volunteer in schools and local projects.

350 orange, red and gold threads have a lot of choices

I have moved my studio to my home for now. The handcrafted commerce market has changed significantly and as much as I like having interaction in a public studio it is a position I can’t afford just now. So, by invitation will do for now.

I am a big fan of the Minimalist lifestyle where you have objects with meaning, food for the soul, food for the body and special things, to me, are usually handcrafted. I believe there is usually more than one right answer and sometimes it is  worthwhile to find a few solutions, just to have the experience of doing something fresh.

one solution to the pile of orange threads

So, the bio: Kathryn Gauldin enjoys including a variety of hands-on techniques that translate into fiber-related d projects. She has always been yarny, weaving on tapestry, free-form and floor looms, costume construction, patterns and printmaking, painting and dyeing.

Her skill-set has expanded through freelance learning and apprenticing, through workshops, studied at High Point University, UNCG, WCU, Haywood College Production Fibers and Duke Non-Profit Management.

Kathryn has worked in Montessori schools (where the understanding of the tri-nomial equation was truly revealed), has been director of selected art schools and councils and was the Outreach Coordinator at the Sawtooth Center, working in  16 counties of North Carolina taking art on the road. Kathryn currently works in community art programs and artist in schools residencies, is a grant writer and web content writer, exhibits in galleries and at festivals and has weaving, painting and prints in galleries.

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