It’s Spring! no, wait…

Spring in NC

    The elusive season. We start… meh. We start again…

Now we have buds, blue skies, warm days- funny how 65F after winter is so much warmer than 65 in October! Alas! 

Spring weather is probably my favorite.. with warm enough weather and not all the insects are hatched- I garden.

That includes being outside with the blood-sucking species in North Carolina- ticks, mosquitoes, assassin bugs.. haven’t met them yet?oooh. funtimes .


The flip side… the world wakes up and blooms!


I spent a week in Fayetteville with some wonderful people creating a tapestry.. (photos to follow) and the Cape Fear River is incredibly amazing! most of my photos are on instagram. !


It has always been such a treat to watch this blossoming.. after the short dark non-running days of winter.. here we go! new year. The earth knows that this, too, shall pass. My grandma used to remind me of this pretty regularly. As I gain years I learn so much more about my wonderful grandparents.

And work scheduling switches up.

It’s not the

best time for handwearable sales but PERFECT for school residencies,  workshops, festivals and finalizing work for the next year. #Plottwist!

The photo to the right is of a painting my granddaughter created when she was visiting. It reminds me of warm summer nights with Amber…

Hope you are enjoying this year so far. There are some really wonderful things to be experienced… don’t miss them! And… more willcome 🙂


I’m making efforts to keep up the calendar.  Please contact me if you’re interested in a workshop.

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