Wrapping up the Holidays!

Inspired to #ShopLocal

Sometimes the weather, events, work and family throw some really interesting curves into what started out as a great plan for holiday shopping! As much as we all like having our artsy shops local and want to support local art, artisans, craftsfolk and artists time runs away!

So many local artists have an online shop- so you CAN support local art and craft online! Whether it snows, sleets, gets just too darn dark to migrate out of hibernation.. check out the local artists! Many have sales on their websites, Facebook page, commerce pages like Etsy.com with listings of local events  and SquareUp pages (if your artist uses a square for payment chances are they have an online Square shop).

When you go to a festival and market hang on to that vendor list! Here is a list  of the names you can follow up with if you thought you might need that thing… betcha they will be on Facebook, Etsy, SquareUp, Shopify or some other online shop. Or they may have a commerce page on their own website!

#SupportLocalArt is so important-keep those dollars local to invest in restaurants, schools, sports, local businesses and be sure the arts thrive in your community by supporting the Creative Economy!

As for me, I’ve got my commerce listed here on my website, you can always visit Fiber Company and Studio 107, give me a shout and I’ll do my best to either have what you are looking for or steer you in the direction of one of our local artists.

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